Solomon Islands Water Sector Adaptation Project

“Gud Wata Fo Strongem Komuniti Lo Evritaem”

In May 2015, a young man in Ferafalu was digging a pit for his pour flush toilet, when the earth gave way beneath him. Suddenly a sinkhole was created, about three meters deep and five meters wide.

At the base of the sinkhole appeared a small pool of ground water. The pool was only about 40 centimeters deep but for the Island of Manaoba, Ray had struck liquid gold.

Many of us have never considered what it would be like to live without easy access to water. We take for granted that when we turn on our taps in our kitchens and bathrooms, clean water will for certain pour forth into our cups, drink bottles, tubs and sinks. But for communities living with limited natural water resources and the impacts of climate change influences, accessible and abundant clean water is a dream.