Solomon Islands Water Sector Adaptation Project

“Gud Wata Fo Strongem Komuniti Lo Evritaem”

Need for Knowledge Management

Adaptation to climate change is a growing priority for development agencies, governments and vulnerable communities. However, capacity and awareness are often limited, and experiences have yet to be widely shared. As climate change adaptation projects financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) began in 2007, there was a lack of systematically documented and shared knowledge on good adaptation practices and operational guidance. Additionally, it was noted that there was no coordinated community of practice in place and information database tailored to the needs of practitioners.

A Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing Platform

In response to this information gap and to address existing adaptation knowledge needs, the United Nations Development Programme, along with other agency partners, launched the Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM) in 2007. UNDP is facilitating the ALM in close partnership with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), UNEP, the World Bank and specialized UN agencies including FAO. The ALM represents a collaborative, global learning process, with leadership, facilitation and strong participation by Southern institutions. Seeking to provide stakeholders with a common platform for sharing and learning, the ALM bridges knowledge gaps by bringing relevant knowledge and stakeholders together to exchange information, experiences, and expertise. Additionally, the ALM complements the wide range of adaptation knowledge networks and initiatives already underway.

Key Focuses

The ALM will develop tools and resources to support the following:

  • Adaptation practices - what can be done to adapt to climate change on the ground?
  • Integration of climate change risks and adaptation into development policy, planning and operations - how can policies and plans support adaptation over time?
  • Capacity building - how can people be better assisted in becoming equipped for adapting to climate change?