Solomon Islands Water Sector Adaptation Project

“Gud Wata Fo Strongem Komuniti Lo Evritaem”

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These are documents and reports on SIWSAP’s work in the country. These files may be downloaded, saved and printed.

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Ferafalu is a small village located on the island of Manoba in the Malaita Province. The island is in the North East of Malaita and is quite remote, requiring boat, as well as car or bus, to travel there from the provincial capital of Auki. Ferafalu is exposed to coastal erosion from waves since it is on the open sea, as well as other climate hazards, and livelihoods are dependent upon the sea and small-scale farming plots nearby. It is estimated that Ferafalu has no more than 235 people living there at any one time, many of the residents work seasonally away from the village, such as in Auki and Honiara (Source: SIWSAP Project Document, 2014).
Gizo is a medium-sized township, and the Provincial Capital of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. It is located on the coastline and surrounded by hills and a number of other small, low populated islands. Gizo has grown rapidly over the last 15 years, with new migrants arriving from throughout the province and neighboring islands, drawn to work opportunities, markets, and services.
Santa Catalina is an island off the coast of the Makira Province, in the far east of the Solomon Islands. SThe island is tectonically active and has been impacted by numerous geological events, such as earthquakes, in the course of its very long history. As the island lies several kilometers off the Mainland of Makira it faces a variety of winds that impact not only homes and property, but also local livelihoods, such as fishing and farming. A recent survey conducted in 2015 shows that the population of Santa Catalina is 1,351 inhabitants.
Taro is a town located on a small, flat coral island; it is also the provincial capital of the Province of Choiseul located in the far west of the Solomon Islands. The township was declared provincial capital in 1990 and since that moment it has grown with the location of government offices, public services, such as a hospital and school, and forestry and mining businesses. Taro’s estimated population is 1,423 inhabitants.
Tuwo is an extremely isolated, rural village located on a small, low lying island, it is part of a large coral atoll. The majority of inhabitants live very close to sea-level, between 0.5 – 2 m above sea-level. Tuwo is part of the Reef Islands, Temotu Province at the extreme East of the Solomon Islands. This isolation means that locals are dependent on their own capacity to harvest food from community gardens, as well as fish and shellfish from the sea. Tuwo’s total estimated population consist of 1,016 people.